Painting master class

Master the skill of the artist, inspired by the landscapes of ATС "Bogdarnya"

Guests of the hotel Bogdarnya by KEYDOM can enjoy exciting master class in drawing on canvas as well as master class in painting various models of wooden toys.

Artists of the hotel will share the secrets of creating paintings, tell how simple lines create artworks and explain the rules of painting on wood. Art master classes are held in a room on the roof of the Tower with a panoramic view of the entire complex, and in nature: near Klyazma river, at the foot of the church or in the flowering meadows.

At the end of the master class, each participant receives an individually painted unique wooden toy or a self-painted picture, which will become a nice decoration at home and will remind of an atmospheric holiday at the hotel Bogdarnya by KEYDOM.

Painting wooden toys (45 minutes)
(from 3 people)

350 rubles/person

Drawing pictures on the territory of the ATC "Bogdarnya" (45 minutes)
(from 3 people)

300 rubles/person


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