The unique space consists of a restaurant with two large halls. Located in one of the buildings of a former farm, the club is filled with artifacts of peasant life and the Soviet era.

In the interior of the restaurant there are tractor DT-20 of the Kharkiv tractor factory, Maxim gun, written during the second world war originals sketches of the Grekov’s Studio and UAZ-69 1956 – favorite suv of all the chairmen of the collective farms.

The restaurant menu is presented with Russian national dishes that are cooked according to old recipes: shchi, borsch, ukha, skoblyanka, Beef Stroganoff, berry fruit drinks and many others. Russian steaks and cutletsare prepared according to the European dry aging technology (the meat passes the dry maturation chamber and is cut by hand). . 

Special place in the menu has cheese made on the farm according to the author’s John Kopiski’s recipes.


Located on the first floor of the club building «Russkiy kolos» is filled with natural light thanks to high panoramic windows with a picturesque view of the Klyazma River and a garden.

The interior design of the restaurant is made in the style of noble manors of the XIX century. The rich interior filled with authentic items of Russian manor culture, as well as antiquarian furniture, paintings in the style of social realism create an aristocratic atmosphere and add solemnity to a lunch or dinner.

In the morning, the restaurant serves traditional Russian and English breakfasts. For lunch or dinner, guests can order dishes from the a la carte menu.

In the warmer months, guests can use access to the Crater garden as well as enjoy a romantic dinner in a tent in nature.