Cheese tasting

Discover the secrets of cheese making on Nina and John Kopiski farm!

Founded in 2007 by John and Nina Kopiski farm "Rozhdestvo", which is part of the agricultural tourist complex "Bogdarnya", is the producer of dairy products and one of the largest farms in the Vladimir region. The farm contains more than 4,000 cows, including milking herd of 1,900 cows, that give a record milk yield of 50 tons per day.

Guests of the hotel Bogdarnya by KEYDOM have a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of John Kopiski's cheese factory by visiting a cheese tasting and watching a video presentation on the big screen. The cheese maker will tell about the process of cheese production, its varieties, stages of preparation and storage. And the most curious guests can attend an individual master class right at the cheese factory, where they can prepare cheese themselves and take it home.

Video presentation with tasting
(from 5 people)

300 rubles / person

Master class on cheese preparation (3 hours)
(from 2 to 5 people)

4500 rubles / person


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