Hotel operator KEYDOM specializes in hotel management and development, also provides franchises for its own brands.

The management company and the hotel owners are strategic partners, we have the same interests and tasks: to develop the business and minimize the operational involvement of the hotel owner.

After signing the agreement, the hotel gets:

  • the hotel's own website on the platform www.keydomhotels.com
  • personalized SEO-site promotion based on the target audience and segments of the hotel
  • access and activation of global contracts with B2B clients
  • access to a unified purchasing system with guaranteed best prices and reliable suppliers of hotel products and services
  • professional support of the hotel team in all areas (sales, reservations, e-Commerce, revenue, SERM and others)
  • an innovative booking system for all types of customers that minimizes human involvement in the operational process
  • innovative IT hotel management system
  • PR and marketing support, including a variety of modern marketing tools (presentations, fact sheets about the hotel, interactive template for mailing, guest book, etc)
  • access to a corporate portal (intranet) for all employees of the KEYDOM hotel chain, including:
  • - staff loyalty program
  • - online training and accreditation center
  • - career opportunities within the hotel chain
  • - special closed promotions from hotel chain partners and other
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  • modern and technological customer loyalty program
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Besides, after signing the agreement, we will analyze the market and all factors that affect your hotel's occupancy and provide a detailed profit and loss plan (P&L) for the current calendar year. P&L plan will be created and provided to the hotel owner’s approval on the yearly basis, not later than December, 1st

KEYDOM takes care of the quality of its hotels and keeps them in a perfect condition. That is why, in order to protect the owner from unplanned expenses, we will keep a part of the profit in a special reserve fund on a monthly basis. This amount will allow us to carry out all current, planned and emergency repairs at any moment they are required.

KEYDOM develops its own hotel brands, each of them has its own well-defined positioning, target audience and loyal customers.


The KEYDOM management company works also with third-party international brands and provides managing services for such objects.

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The KEYDOM brand philosophy is fully reflected in its logo, which depicts a galaxy with three planets, representing the endless motion, globality of business and three immutable company’s standards: professionalism, flexibility and hospitality.

The permanent interconnection of these standards ensures to everyone who enters the KEYDOM, galaxy initiation of the endless improvement and development process.

The KEYDOM hotels guests and B2B clients discover the world unique places, they are the first to experience the newest technologies and tools in hospitality, a true professional approach from the first second of acquaintance with the brand, they get individual solutions that meet any requirements and always feel themselves as an important component of the KEYDOM galaxy.

The Employees of the management company and the KEYDOM hotels are the basement of success. They become a part of the KEYDOMfamily from the very first second. It is natural for us to help the family. We help employees by improving their professional skills, providing solutions and opportunities in their daily life, and support them both in difficult and in the most joyful moments. All this allows us to get an incredible loyalty and to keep our galaxy in endless motion.

Trusting the hotel to the management company, each owner experiences a share of excitement. To reduce doubts, we build our relationships on the most transparent, understandable and easily verifiable facts. Making such an important decision, the owner always remains the main person in the hotel, who made one of the rightest steps for business and employees – trusted the hotel to the management company KEYDOM.

a galaxy
of hospitality!

You can start to work with KEYDOM at various stages of your hotel's lifecycle. We have something to offer at each of the stage and pay attention to strategically important points.

Decision to open a hotel

Evaluation of the location

Business project and
its payback period

The brand selection

Construction of the hotel
according to the
brand standards

Launch of the hotel


Hotel construction

Evaluation of the business project
and recommendations for changes

The brand selection
and adaptation of the project
under the brand standards

Coordination of construction
according to the brand standards

Launch of the hotel


Opening of the hotel

Evaluation of the business project
and recommendations
for possible changes

The brand selection
and adaptation of the project
under the brand standards

Coordination of the brand activation

Launch of the hotel


Existing hotel

Evaluation of the
current hotel condition,
evaluation of income and expenses

The Brand selection
and preparation the list
of mandatory changes/improvements
to meet brand standards

Coordination of
the transition period

Launch of the hotel
under the new brand


KEYDOM is a modern company focused on providing high-quality services. That is why a number of important services for the hotel are performed by our approved partners. Together with them KEYDOM offers the following services:

As a management company KEYDOM gives a great motivation to every employee of the hotel. The employee development program allows to maintain their high involvement, maximum feedback and a work within the hotel chain. This program is available to every employee starting from the first day of work at any of the KEYDOM hotels.
KEYDOM is a modern, technological and dynamic company. That is why our loyalty program is now ahead of its time and is focused not only on the current consumers of KEYDOM brand services, but also on those who will become them in 5 - 10 years. Our program is both simple and unique. For our hotels, this is a huge cluster of brand-loyal customers who will choose your hotel for their stay already tomorrow!

Frequently asked question

  • Девочка

    Why should the hotel owner cooperate with a management company?

    The hotel business is a prospective direction that is gaining popularity every day. This is the type of business that will always be in demand. Owners who open hotels as a commercial enterprise in order to get the fastest possible return of investments and further profit, most of the time do not want to be involved in daily operations, in establishing the quality of service and search the clients. That is why most of the owners take the decision to cooperate with management companies in order to minimize their participation in the daily hotel operation. However, some owners decide not just to build a hotel, but also to become a hotelier. In such cases the hotel owners invite the management company as a guide who shares its professional experience and expertise and helps to apply the acquired knowledges and skills to the hotels operation work. The management company for such owners is the key to professionalism and success. Sometimes we cooperate with owners who already own or plan to buy several hotels at once. The ability to manage a single facility does not guarantee success in running several hotels. The management company is hired in order to scale, systematize and financially optimize the operation of several hotels at the same time. In any case, for all hotels, the management company is a single channel that combines the work of a huge number of professionals with rich experience and knowledges of the market’s specifics that secure success of the project. Today it is priceless.

  • Девочка

    Can I have my own hotel website beside being represented on a chain united site?

    Website www.keydomhotels.com was created not only to represent the hotels that are managed by KEYDOM, but also to concentrate all customer traffic in one place. More than 30% of customers find out about a new hotel by visiting websites initially in order to book a different hotel or even a different destination. In addition, the presence of a second duplicate site may cause customers misunderstanding. This is why the hotel can have only one website, and it is the united website of the hotel operator KEYDOM.

  • Девочка

    Can I use email addresses for employees on a domain different from @keydomhotels.com?

    Business etiquette is one of the key elements that we pay great attention to all our hotel brands. When guests receive the email with the public domain (like @yandex.ru or @google.com), they begin to doubt the professionalism and quality of the hotel's services. Therefore, each employee of the KEYDOM hotel chain works from an individual email address on the domain @keydomhotels.com with an electronic signature drawn up according to the brand standards, common fonts, etc.

  • Девочка

    Can I opt out of the KEYDOM loyalty program?

    The KEYDOM loyalty program for employees and customers is one of the most important component that supports brand loyalty. To remove it means to deprive guests and employees of equal opportunities, that is unfair. This is why the loyalty program for guests and employees must be used in all hotels directly managed by KEYDOM. However, our company is known for its flexibility in doing business, so hotels that represent the KEYDOM franchise participate in programs at the will of the hotel owner.

  • Девочка

    Who appoints the Hotel General Manager, and where he/she is registered?

    The Hotel General Manager effectively manages and develops the hotel and perfectly knows the standards of the KEYDOM hotel chain. The Hotel General Manager is a trusted representative of the management company in matters requiring the participation of the hotel owner. As the head of the hotel, he/she is registered in the legal entity that owns the hotel. However, in accordance with the management agreement, the General Manager is appointed and dismissed only by the management company.

  • Девочка

    Where is the border between the responsibility areas of the hotel owner and the management company? What guarantees does the management company give to the hotel owner?

    The responsibility of the management company includes effective management of the hotel, maintaining a high level of service, material and technical base and engineering parameters of the hotel in working order, as well as stimulating sales of hotel services. We fix all blocks of income and expenses for the current calendar year in the budget (P&L), which we will approve with the owner. In addition, the management company is responsible for the implementation of this.

    All other issues are the responsibility of the hotel owner (hotel equipment, major repairs, fire safety, object security, etc.).

  • Девочка

    Why should I work only through the unified suppliers channel of the management company?

    One of the advantages of chain hotels is their recognition regardless of the location. When guests come to a chain hotel, they expect to see certain compliments in the room, the complete set of bathroom accessories, the quality of bed linen and the number of towels, and even such a small detail as a Shoe spoon. That is why the unified supplier channel has been developed to ensure that guests' expectations always match 100% with the received product. Each of the channel's suppliers not only provides quality products accredited by the management company, but also the best prices on the market. KEYDOM monitors the market on a weekly basis and guarantees the best price and quality from its suppliers. However, KEYDOM is distinguished by the individuality of each hotel in the chain, that is why the hotel chefs are responsible for the food purchasing as their goal is not just to offer delicious and high-quality cuisine to the guests, but also to surprise them with a local flavor.

  • Девочка

    Is it vital to change all positions with logo at the hotel immediately from the very start of management cooperation?

    If the management company was involved during the hotel construction or creation of the project, then by the time the hotel opens, all products will be formed from the correct products of the unified supplier channel. However, if it is an operating hotel the transition plan will clearly outline a plan for replacement and adaptation to the chain standards. KEYDOM is the owner's partner, so we do not want to cause inconveniences or additional financial burden to the owner. The adaptation plan will be made based on usual operation process and the level of amortization.

  • Девочка

    How much do management services cost?

    One of the most important task of the management company is to generate revenue for the hotel. For this reason, we consider it is fair to pay remuneration to the management company in the form of a percentage from the hotel's income. Thus, the interest in more expensive sales and high occupancy becomes the interest of both the owner and the management company.

    The percentage is determined by:

    • cooperation format (managing with KEYDOM brand, managing with a third-party brand, managing without a brand, franchise)
    • selected brand

    and has a multi-stage system:

    • % of hotel revenue
    • % of the hotel's net income
    • % for marketing support (not applied for hotels that hire an authorized PR Agency for continuous PR support of the concretely their hotel)
  • Девочка

    What advantages get the hotel employees from cooperation with your management company?

    All employees get a number of opportunities. First, it is knowledge that is obtained both during work according to the hotel chain standards, and courses through the e-learning center, which is available to every employee online. Second – career opportunities. Labor migration, as well as the freedom to work where you want is always important. It's a shame to lose your job and it's hard to find a new one when you decide to make some changes in career. KEYDOM offers a way out of the situation – transfer to work in any of the chain's hotels. This will not only allow the employee to stay in the unified system and not lose the knowledge gained in KEYDOM during their work, but also quickly and officially find a new interesting place. And the hotel is sure to get an employee who is already trained in high-quality work and standards, that will require minimal time for their full inclusion in the process of work. Third – internships in other properties in the framework of the hotel chain KEYDOM that allow to look at the process of performing similar tasks by colleagues and gain invaluable experience. And of course, a unique loyalty program that allows our employees to stay at hotels for free, without compromising the financial interests of the host hotels. Isn't that enough to make one want to be part of the KEYDOM team right now?

  • Девочка

    What is the fundamental difference between buying a franchise of one of the KEYDOM brands and signing a managing contract?

    Hotels that buy a franchise of one of the KEYDOM brands should not differ from directly managed hotels. All the difference is in the specifics of cooperation:

    • a brand franchise can be purchased by another management company or hotel independently
    • hotels that open under a franchise are not required to use a unified supplier’s channel, but must maintain the quality of the products according to brand standards
    • hotels that open under a franchise can decide whether to participate in the loyalty program or not. We will tell you about all the advantages of participation in it, but the decision will be made by the owner
    • hotels that open under a franchise are exempt from paying a marketing percentage and promote their services independently. However special conditions from an accredited PR Agency apply to them as well
    • brand remuneration is calculated according to a different scheme and consists of:
    • - one-time payment when purchasing a franchise
    • - monthly fixed amount for using the brand
    • hotels that open under a franchise, appoint and dismiss the General Manager independently. However, maintaining a high quality of service and passing employee certifications are mandatory for such hotels

    There are also some other features that we will tell you about during the negotiations when choosing the best format of cooperation for You.

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