Excursion around ATC "Bogdarnya"

Find out more about the history and philosophy of the agricultural tourist complex "Bogdarnya"

The history of the creation of the ATC Bogdarnya dates back to the late 1990s, when a married couple of John and Nina Kopiski, inspired by their love for the land and the desire to revive agriculture, decided to buy the Soviet abandoned farm Bogdarnya. For the last 20 years, the complex has become not only a forming enterprise for the Petushinsky district of the Vladimir region, but also a place of attraction for both Russian and foreign tourists.

Today, ATC Bogdarnya is one of the largest producers of premium natural products, a center for the development of equestrian sports in the Vladimir region, and an object of reviving and maintaining Russian traditions. Thanks to its own cheese factory, a dairy farm and the invaluable experience of John Kopiski, Bogdarnya produces tons of various cheeses under the brand «Sir Cheese John» every year, that one can find in the best stores around the country.

Book a walking tour around the territory of the agricultural tourist complex "Bogdarnya" to learn more about the history and philosophy of the complex, as well as about the foundations of rural culture and life, walk through the Crater garden, see the old and new cheese factories and, of course, discover the legends of these historical places.

Excursion around ATC " Bogdarnya" (45 minutes)
(from 2 people)

300 rubles / person


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