Dog-friendly: let your pet to join your travel

20 June 2024
Dog-friendly: let your pet to join your travel

We know how it is difficult to stay apart with those you are accustomed to, who everyday puts a smile on your face and can’t wait you come back home. Without any doubts, we are talking about your pets! You no longer need to worry about how or with whom to leave your pet while you are on travel. Just let your pet to join your travel, and our KEYDOM Hotels team will take care of comfort for you both.

All KEYDOM hotels are happy to welcome little fluffy guests who is up to 40 cm tall and up to 7 kg weight. The hotel team will prepare a cozy bed, a paw towel, bowls for pet food, and a welcome treat which helps your pet to get used to the new environment joyfully and easy.

Any Questions? Please contact KEYDOM Hotels team members, who are always pleased to assist you with your trip to KEYDOM Hotels.

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With care for you,